Shadow EV Charging

Spend the LEAST for the MOST EV Charging Points

Economical Electric Vehicle charging solution with Shadow EV Charging.
Smart. Shared. Green. Safe.

What is Shadow Power?

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Shadow Power is the ready electrical power of a building not in use at a time. With our Power System Neutral (PSN) technology you may now harness this precious idle power as the lifeblood for smart EV Charging. $0 investment is required on reinforcing the electrical capacity of a car park to afford the new EV charging load. 

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Maximize Your Benefits

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Enjoy the best EV charging in Hong Kong and anywhere in the world. With Shadow Power you save the upfront cost for reinforcing electrical capacity. Our PSN-EVC system connects all the charging stations into a network for smart load management, maximizing charging efficiency and power utilization rate. Finally, you spent the least cost and enjoy much more charger points at lower cost-to-serve.

Shadow EV Charging

$ 1000000

Investment on power upgrade

0 %

Net cost per charger

0 %

Up-front & operational cost

+ 0 %

Charging points deployed under the same investment


Shadow Power Management

  • This is like a bonus application to standard smart charging. You need our unique Power System Neutral (PSN) technology to harness the underutilized power (Shadow Power) in your building. Our system monitors and allocates Shadow Power to sustain connected EV charging points and helps achieve a more balanced energy consumption profile with real-time neural automation.


EV Load Management

  • This is a standard application to any smart charging. For any smart charging services, you need a Load Management System (LMS) to manage the load for your connected charging points. Our Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) System is more than that. It is a Super Load Management System (SLMS) which can manage and dynamically adjust the charging load for each EV point in a smart and congruous way.

The Age of EV is Calling


Why Power Management?

A Power Management system helps you find & manage source energy for charging points, saving power upgrade money.

Why Load Management?

A Load Management System (LMS) helps you supervise and dish out electricity across a network of charging points.

Why need them Now?

Smart Charging Technology is mature and charger users are urging the services. You have good reasons to have them as soon as possible.

PSN-EVC is Your Choice

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Most Economical

- UNIQUE $0 on power upgrade
- UNIQUE Most Charge Points Plan
- UNIQUE Reduce Demand Charge

Expert Team

- Power Control Master & Inventor
- Local Grid Former Chief Engineer
- Award-winning R&D Team

Most Eco-friendly

- UNIQUE Shadow EV Charging
- UNIQUE Off-Peak Charging
- UNIQUE Non-E-cap Design

Patented Technology

- UNIQUE NALA Core Algorithm
- UNIQUE Super LMS Technology
- UNIQUE IOT3 Technology

Keep Charging Safe

- UNIQUE Double Redundancy
- off-line local computation
- Extra Overload Prevention

One-stop Solution

- UNIQUE Power+Load Management
- DC & AC Charger Compatible
- EVC Design + Engineering


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