EV Charging in 1 Day

How will you charge your EV in the future?

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No one can tell the future for sure but there are trends and rationales for us to justify and portray the most possible scenario of how we will charge our EVs in the future.

Mid-night to 8:00 am
Mid-night to 8:00 am

Shadow Home EV Charging

Charge your EV overnight at the car park of your residence. All the parking lots in a multi-unit dwelling car park will be equipped with chargers which share the unused power (shadow power) of the construction. In this scenario, generally the wee hours are the off-peak time sections suitable for slow charging. When you wake up on the morning of the other day, your EV have been charged to the full extent. Slow overnight EV charging is fit for this occasion as charging is not time-sensitive. Moreover, fast charging will hurt the battery in the long run.

The Caltech in US has conducted a study for three years and concluded that smart charging is indispensable if we are stepping into the age of electrification of vehicles. Using Shadow Power in a manner of shared, off-peak charging is the future.

8:00 am to 6:00 pm
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Shadow Workplace EV Charging

Consuming power in the course of commute to work and you park your car at the car park of the office building where slow charging also fits. You kill the waiting time working there, with your EV slowly charged by the Shadow Power of this construction. During this time session you may leave office for lunch, some errands or go to visit clients. If necessary you will also charge your EV at the car parks along your journey and get it slowly charged with the Shadow Power over there.

The idea of EV Charging with unused power is shared with PowerFlex, a company in US originated from Caltech,  which also promotes the use of same kind of power but named as Adaptive Charging.

6:00 pm - 10: pm
6:00 pm - 10: pm

Social Activities Conventional Charging

After you leave the office, your EV should have enough power for some activities such as going for a movie, a dinner or friends gathering. But if necessary, you may go to the SuperCharge stations along the road where fast chargers with paid, beefy power can make some ranges for your car. Charge for 15 minutes and you are free from the range anxiety. Then you return home for overnight Shadow Power charging again.

Statistics shows that more and more installations of  fast charging in charging amenities are turning to fast charging service. This is indeed a natural stratification of market based on the real situation of our EV charging needs along the street.

Like how you charge your mobile phone today, people will take their times to charge EVs through the nights and working hours, then enjoy driving free of range anxiety. In case of a long journey, there are charging stations along the highway. In the future we will definitely find an effective way to charge our EVs for daily commute. For this comfortable range, the society will have accepted that one of the best energy candidate is the unused power already rested in our buildings, the Shadow Power.