We sign our name to strive for a green future.


"To be a global player in Smart Energy Control System."


"To deliver affordable healthy, Intelligent & green energy controls Solutions for everyone."


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For any pioneering product, innovation always comes first. Today, DL TECH has explored a brand-new way to the smart control of electrical power and realized it into our benchmark product, the PSN-VEC system, we believe that we may envision a promising takeoff in the market of smart EV charging system.

DL TECH has gone through years to achieve its splashy invention of patented Neural Automated Link Array (NALA) technology, the core Algorithm and infrastructure for intelligent power distribution and management purpose. Since our founding, our organization culture, establishment and resources have all been devoted to the R&D sector because we deeply believe the hardcore competitiveness of a high-tech company like us lies in our technical muscle.

Today, we have developed two R&D centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. They are our bases for the development of innovative technology. We have recruited a remarkable team made up of experts and veterans in smart power control and smart lighting. Our team are ever-honing our exotic technology to match with the trend of smart EV charging. We are engaging in a business striving for the delightful experience of eco-friendly usage of electrical power in order to achieve the green benefits for the whole society.

Scope of Business

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We specialize in developing and delivering the cleanest energy control solution. We sell our unique eco-friendly consumer products and car park solutions and undertake relevant engineering projects. We also provide after-sale services, maintenances and update services for our clients. Our products and solutions are complying with industry standards and highly compatible with most of  the prevailing charger products in the market.


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PSN-EVC Smart EV Charging System

EV Charging

Harness the Shadow Power, this is a comprehensive 2-in-1 power and load management system for green and smart EV charging.

DeLight Smart Socket


A product which allows a single 50A (Or Larger) supply and simultaneously connect to multiple 32A CEE sockets with cloud service.

DeLight Smart Lighting System

IOT3 Lighting

DeLight Smart Lighting System is an Internet of things (IOT3) solution for smart lighting installations for any places or special locations such as hotel.