Easy Concepts

The ABC of Shadow EV Charging

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Necessary Basic Terms

Shadow Power

The underutilized electrical power in a building.

Shadow Power Charging

Harness shadow power to supply EV charging points.

Smart Charging

Automatically managed charging.

Load Management System (LMS)

A system necessary for the management, monitor, coordination and allocation of the load for each charging point connected. Standard element for smart charging.

Power Management System

A system necessary for capturing, managing and controlling the source power, such as Shadow Power, for EV charging points. This is not a standard function from the smart charging systems in the market.

Super Load Management System (SLMS)

SLMS is a LMS but it performs better and more functions than common LMS in the market. It not only conducts genuine dynamic load management, in which the charging power for a fully-charged EV can be released to boost the rest of EVs in charging, but is also capable of performing management on the power source side. The PSN-EVC system is a Super Load Management System rarely found in the market.


Power System Neutral (PSN) is a unique power management system developed for the capturing and management of Shadow Power. 


EV Charging (EVC) acts as a load management system for smart charging. 


A comprehensive system comprises of a standard SLMS (EVC) and a PMS (PSN) as a bonus for smart and green EV charging solution.

EV charging installation issues

How different charging systems work to solve your problem?

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  • Power upgrade investment
  • Large amount of electrical load required
  • Limited budget limited charging bays
  • Only charger built-in functions
  • Low charger utilization


  • Power upgrade investment
  • Power ceiling available
  • A lot more charging bays supported
  • Smart charging functions
  • High charger utilization


  • $0 on Power upgrade
  • Power ceiling available
  • Full charging bays supported
  • Smart charging functions + customized
  • Less cable cost, one power cable for 4 chargers

Just stick around and find the answers to your problems. You will see why the PSN-EVC System is the best smart EV charging solution in the market.