Case Study

Shadow EV Charging for Residential Car Park

A Housing Estate Car Park in Hong Kong

380 Domestic Flats

Case residential Graph
Items Value Notes
No. of parking Lot
Target: 1 EV charging point per Lot
Total shadow power (Midnight-8am)
400kW x 8hr /2 (Area below)
Annual EV Power Consumption
600km/month (40% of US level) 0.2kwh/km
Daily EV power consumption (Average)
Average 19.7km/day/EV4,143kWh/202
No. of EV supported

Between mid-night & 8:00am, this 8 hours of Shadow Power can ...

Provide sufficient energy to replenish the 405 EV daily consumption. Together with surplus energy during the day, it is more than enough for rolling out EV charging points to all the  flats. Beside the wee hours, Shadow Power is also available throughout other time sections. 

High utilization rate of charging power PLUS No overloading guaranteed. The PSN-EVC System by DL TECH is among the first which can harness Shadow Power for EV charging purpose.