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The use of electric vehicle is regarded as helping us to reach to the end of reducing carbon emission in order to protect our lovely environment. While the use of EV being green, charging the EV not necessarily be. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the battery inside the EV does not slurp up a bit less energy regardless of the kind of charging systems during the course of charging up to full capacity. No energy could be saved indeed. EV is green only for not emitting CO2 to the air in the operation. It depends on our power companies which use more clean energy for power generation or reduce energy loss during the process that truly claims some green benefits.

Finally, green EV charging is now available with us! We can do more for our green goal with improved charging method. Try our PSN-EVC system, a connected smart charging mechanism we can boast a green EV Charging solution. Let’s see why.

off-peak ev charging helps level energy profile

1. Off-peak EV Charging shaves Peak Load

PSN harnesses Shadow Power for EV charging. In nature this off-peak charging helps shave the peak load and may help holding the original power ceiling. It also helps level the power consumption curve to a more balanced profile. It does great favor to the power company who strikes to keep the grid stable and to stay low on energy loss. In return, we could enjoy a lower Demand Charge from the power company.

2. Promote the Intake of Clean Energy

Natural clean energy like hydraulic, wind and solar power are green but not be available all the time. For this sake the more of this kind of unstable source of natural clean energy that a power grid absorbs, the more dirty power will be generated to offset their absences. A more balanced energy consumption profile on the user side could definitely help ease the burden of sudden high loads, thus contributing to a more stable grid which is able to accommodate more intake of clean energy.

green ev charging helps intake of clean energy into the grid
car to grid charging

3. Facilitate Car to Grid Charging (C2G)

The battery in an EV is a storage device for electricity. That means the battery could also store electricity and return to the power grid to help fulfill peak demand. With our PSN-EVC system, an EV whenever under charging is able to interact with the grid. The monitor, measurement and management of the EV charging parameters by the PSN-EVC System and its function on electronic payment indeed greatly facilitates the C2G back-charging process.

4. Eco-friendly Non-E-cap Design

Electric products carry electrolytic capacitors which contain harmful material. That's why we have to recycle electronic devices for special treatment after dumping. Our patented brand-new non-electrolytic capacitor design simply removes the use of harmful electrolytic capacitors. More, without the E-caps, our electronic equipment such as PSN controllers will be more durable. Prolonged product lifespan also reduce the amount of waste.

5. Contribute to Energy Audit

In Hong Kong, the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) attributes legal responsibility to the owners or responsible persons of a building to carry out mandatory Building Energy Audit (BEA) in every ten years. As EV charging consumes quite a significant part of buildings' total energy, a duly completed Energy Audit Report in which Energy Management Opportunity (EMO) should be identified on this part. The PSN-EVC System may help optimize peak load. Together with the use of Shadow Power, it definitely makes contribution to the building's energy audit work.


In essence Shadow EV Charging is off-peak charging, the genuine green EV charging technology that helps reach the eco-friendly goals coming with the electrification of vehicles.

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