One-Stop Solution.

One-Stop EV Smart Charging Solution

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From planning to execution and installation to after-services, our experienced, responsible professional engineers and advisors will guide you through a wonderful journey to fulfill your need for a one-stop EV smart charging solution to full satisfaction step by step.

Step 1
Step 1

Free Consultation

Understand your situation and purpose. Answer your questions. Provide preliminary assessment of your building's power situation and give a rough cost-effective solution to the building of EV charging infrastructure.

Step 2
Step 2

Briefing & Presentation

We will brief you with the concepts and details of the PSN-EVC System with PPT presentations, promotional materials or web site content to let you understand the majors aspects of information you should know for making the right decision. 

Step 3
Step 3

Site Inspection

On-site examination on all the conditions for installations including reviewing all related electrical hardware; collecting power data; measuring building load; intake point and sub-circuit total current, charge point current; assessing power consumption profile and conducting site space measurements for further preparation of schematic and installation plan.

Step 4
Step 4

Develop an Execution Plan

Analyze the data from power profile. Determine parameters, various power limit, thresholds, no. of chargers, differential charge rate & limits. Design and develop installation plans and drawings. Prepare cost estimate & final quotation for approval.

Step 5
Step 5

Proceed Installation

Provide professional engineers and labors to carry out the whole installation works. Guide, coordinate, manage and supervise the whole installation process. Resolve all technical problems in the site. 

Step 6
Step 6

Testing & Commissioning

Conduct all necessary testing of functions and operations. Gather online information of actual EV loading data for fine tuning. Complete stress test with load bank and test with failure scenarios in the loss of internet, local network, controllers or misbehaved chargers. 

Setp 7
Setp 7

User Training

Hand over facilities and relevant materials to premise's management team. Provide necessary technical training. Because PSN-EVC system is very easy to operate, yet it does not involve any programming skill in this stage, we will also teach your personnel how to add or delete a charging point. 

Step 8
Step 8


If you have subscribed our monthly services besides the base-plan cloud services, you will receive monthly metering, usage control, charging review or energy audit services as you have chosen. Monthly consumption report by user together with EV charging logs can be provided to clients for record keeping or cost recovery purposes. Abnormal charging behavior report or other value-added services such as electronic payment or swipe card  reader services. are also available. Asa we are a high-tech company, we are able to develop customized functions to satisfy your special needs.

Customize Your Solution

The PSN-EVC System is so powerful that it can fulfill all your charging needs in one solution. Just tell us what you want and you will get the most cost-effective EV charging solution.  

AC or DC chargers?

AC or DC power sources available, subject to your power capacity and requirements on charging speed.

Fast, medium or slow chargers?

Just depends on your requirements. Charging operators always prefer 32A fast chargers, other may like 20A medium or 7A slow chargers. All rates are available and subject to your power potential and needs.

For new construction or existing carpark?

Both are OK. Just depend on the power capacity of your car park. Robust or moderate power capacity, all will do. We will find the best charging rate for you to meet your specific needs.

Use designated brands or our partner chargers?

All will do. You may use your designated brand of chargers or just use the chargers we choose for you. Quality and safety assured. You may save money here with our privileged chargers.

For residential or commercial carpark?

The power profile and the peak load hours are different. We will design the most energy-efficient plan that harnesses available Shadow Power from any time sessions for you.

Shadow Power or not?

In fact all buildings have Shadow Power you to be harnessed for EV charging. Of course if your car park is a new construction with sufficient power supply, you may choose to harness less or none of Shadow Power.

Any monthly after-services?

Subscribe our extended services such as cloud storage of more user data, on-line monitor and load control services. Different kinds of user report or energy audit report are also available at very low monthly subscription fee.

More value-added plug-ins?

Electronic payment system, Octopus, membership management system, card-swipe reader system or any mobile apps for real-time interaction with drivers. We are a R&D company. We are good at realizing your dream functions. Just tell us.