Peak Load Shaving with Shadow Power

Power System Neutral (PSN)

The Shadow Power Management Technology that shaves Peak Load

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Power System Neutral (PSN) refers to our delicate technology on managing the Shadow Power in any power systems. With the use of Shadow Power, a power system is getting more “Neutral”, meaning that the gaps between demand and supply of energy are more “narrowed”, manifesting the power system more stable and efficient.

Charging a large number of EVs at the same time causes significant impacts on a power system, e.g. higher peak power consumption. As a result, you have to spend a lot of money on raising the power supply ceiling of your system to meet the peak demand. By harnessing Shadow Power, you not only keep the existing power supply ceiling but also consume more idle power at leisure hours. In this way you may handsomely achieve a more energy efficient, peak-leveled power consumption profile.

What is Peak Load Shaving?

Reduce the use of electricity at peak hours and shift the load to other time sessions so that the power consumption curve can be fattened.

Power Consumption Curves in Real Case

Peaky Load

Without PSN
Higher & Peaky load

Simultaneous household EV charging results in high peak and high ramp rate. Power capacity upgrade required.

PSN Shaved Peak Load

With PSN
Level & Uniform load

Regulating EV charging to mid-night reduce peak load and level the power profile. No need for power upgrade.

Why Peak Load Shaving Matters?

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Today power companies tend to absorb more clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind power into their own grids. However, these clean energy resources are not stable and subject to poor weather conditions (Shady day) or time zone (night). As such a gird has to preserve the maximum supply level according to the peak load of a building in case that the part from unreliable clean energy is not available for use. 

If the power profile of the building is not peaky but more balanced, the grid will be more comfortable to accept larger amount of clean energy resources and as a result less dirty energy generated. This will eventually lead to a reduction of the total volume of dirty energy generation.


Less Peaky Load


More intake of Clean Energy


Less Dirty Energy


Less Power Plant

Less Dirty Energy

Universal Benefits

Stability of building’s power system is much helpful for the increasingly volatile feed-in of clean energy resources like wind & photovoltaic which are not available around the clock. This is about the universal green benefits for us all.

Less Demand Charge

Grid operators offer incentives for reducing peak loads on the user side such as reduced Demand Charge, rebates, lower off-peak tariffs or buy-ins if your building have a more uniform and leveled energy consumption profile.

Win-win Situation

The use of Shadow Power helps level peak load, thus benefits the power company with lower supply cost as well as users with lower Demand Charge and basic tariff, indeed a win-win situation for both parties.

Off-peak Charging helps avoid Power Down

Most importantly, for some regions suffering from poor power supply, local authority may restrict or simply cut down the electrical supply for EV charging! This is not a alarmist talk but already happened in 2021 over regions in China, where the power supply for EV charging purpose in a lot of premises are ordered to shut down or shift to off-peak hours.

Because Shadow Power falls within the scope of ordinary power supply, off-peak charging can help your building stabilize power supply with a more balanced power profile. You could have better chance to survive your EV charging services through a draconian power rationing.

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is not doomed.
Help the society.
Help yourself. Use Shadow Power.

User-side Peak Load Shaving

Today, on the user-side (premise owner, EV drivers) there are 2 major ways to shave peak load. Our PSN technology explores a new third way to this end in a handsome and effective way not only for the benefits of the society but also all premise owners.

Owner's Genset or Electricity Storage

Premise owners upgrade Genset or install electricity storage facilities to help alleviate peak demand.

Just enough budget and space to be invested on electrical infrastructure to help the grid?

Bi-directional Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Bi-directional charger allows electricity to flow from battery of EV back to the grid during peak hours.

Stakeholders are mind-twisting in designing incentives to attract drivers to take part in.

Shadow EV Charging

PSN manages Shadow Power for EV charging without raising peak load, the best eco-friendly way!

No investment on power upgrade yet helps shave the even higher peak load from EV charging!

PSN Features