Customized Add-on Functions

EV Charging Add-on Services

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Today, a charging station is not only a pure electrical powerhouse attached with a charging gun, it is more than  that and involves auxiliary functions for a user to complete the charging process in a convenient, fool-proof manner with value-added services.

High-end charging stations may build in some of these functions, but they are always expensive. Within the same par of charging rate, the price deviation of chargers across various brands can be as large as 10 times, albeit you may always not find the one embracing the particular functions you need. Chance is that you have to spend extra money to add favorite function into all charging stations one by one roll out a kind of specific service.

Alternatively, one of the most cost-effective way to have all your favorite functions set in place is to leave them to a smart central console to handle. Various add-on services or functions can be brought into the central management console for share use without overwhelming every charging station. You are also free from these exorbitant high-end chargers to a world of inexpensive chargers. This helps save a lot of charger cost.

expensive charger without PSN-EVC
inexpensive charger with PSN-EVC


Save Charger Cost

Charger with less built-in functions or modules incurs less initial cost.

More Charger Choices

More low-end chargers with basic functions can now be candidates.

Easy Maintenance

Easily add, delete or repair functions for all charging points from central.

Customized Value-added Services

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Charging services in car park may be free or paid,  by membership or residency, with on-site tough screen or mobile operated. Let’s choose from our existing add-on function modules. Stack them up into a comprehensive smart charging service platform with the most versatile and user-friendly functionality at fair cost. Want even more? Just let us know. DL TECH is a high-tech company, we will develop specific add-on service according to your requirements.    


Cloud Service

The PSN-EVC System provides basic cloud service package including cloud storage of energy record data, on-line monitoring and real-time data examination, etc.

membership sevice

Membership Service

Annex membership system for club, residence, organization for easy membership management when using chargers.

power report

Energy Report

Periodical Energy Utilization Report, Power Consumption Report or other energy reports, facilitating effective energy management, payment or building energy audit.

face detection

Facial Recognition

Add facial recognition module to extend secured personalized functions at charging station.

battery health warning

Battery Health Warning

Prepare extensive battery health report, ringing the bell for any unhealthy or dangerous batteries nearly running out of service life to prevent charging fire accident. Also facilitate battery trade.


e-payment Transaction

Pretty important charging station function for paid charging service. Credit card, debit card, charge card or stored-value card supported.


Mobile Operation

Log in to operate with mobile phone for more web operation or on-line functions at the charging station panel.

customized service

Customized Functions on Demand

We develop tailor-made functional module to fulfil your special requirements. Consult us for the customized functions you want. You are part of the development of a successful user-friendly function.
Our subscription plans may change so please consult us for updated information.