Harness the Shadow Power of each building

The Shadow Power

The electrical power of your building not in use

The electrical installation of a building is designed to the extent that it is able to afford the maximum electrical consumption from daily common usage. In reality, you seldom use up this power, actual power consumption is different against 24 hours of a day. This can be interpreted into an electricity consumption curve as Power Profile. For a residential building, maximum consumption could be seen at night while a dramatic drop is in the daytime when everybody goes for work. Most of the time, the maximum power consumption does not tough the power ceiling and leaves a certain extent of potential power which is “idle”. Harness this idle power to charge EV will definitely be of great benefits.

Shadow Power Curve

The green curve represents the actual power consumption against 24 hours of a day. Below is the curve of the difference between building’s electrical supply ceiling and the green curve representing the residual power not in use, looking like the “shadow” of the green curve. This is the Shadow Power we can harness for EV charging.

Very High Dynamic Utilization


Monitor and harness Shadow Power in real time dynamically is a sheer technical task. Our PSN-EVC System is able to capture 90%+ of the Shadow Power in an existing circuit while guarding the set limit within safety threshold.

The following graphic shows that an average of as high as 90% of Shadow Power has been harnessed to charge 4 EVs in a car park at the same time, perfectly manifesting the capability of the system of keeping the power ceiling precisely and dynamically.    

How Powerful?

Case 1: Residential Car Park (HK)

EVC Bays supported = 1,600kW/3.95kW


Support ALL Flats!

Case 2: Office Car Park (HK)

EVC Bays supported = 4,131kW/18.8kW


Support ALL Lots!


Grey car in shadow charging

It's an expert task to use Shadow Power!

You need a
Power Expert at the Start-up

Your building's existing power infrastructure and power consumption profile have to be thorough researched and examined, followed by delicate calculation, design and setting-up of the parameters and thresholds for the effective and safe application of Shadow Power.
This takes an Expert Team.


We are the Right Team!

Our R&D and Engineering Teams are formed by a group of the best experts in the field of smart control of electrical power. Leader is former chief-engineer of the local power company, among the very few experts in Hong Kong who design, install and maintain the whole power grid for decades.
We are the Expert Team you need.

You need a
Power Tool for Management

A highly reliable, fault-free Power Management System has to be in place to do the heavy every-second regulation job. The core Control Algorithm of this system has to be very fast, highly accurate and efficient for the real-time management & allocation of Shadow Power.
This takes an Expert System.

psn-evc logo

We have the Right Tool!

Our unique PSN-EVC System is deliberately developed for the management of EV load and the Shadow Power under the core control algorithm "NALA", the most advanced and reliable patented smart power control mechanism which has been shared by successful IOT solutions.
PSN-EVC is the Expert System you need.