Too much parking lots but too little chargers?

Work the magic with EVC.

Smart EV Charging (EVC) & LMS

The least investment for the most charging points

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Our EVC is a Load Management System (LMS) for smart EV charging. The system intelligently communicate with EV’s BMS and calculates the acceptable charging rate of individual or group of chargers according to the responses from the EVs. Having adjusted the current, the system dishes out the optimized amount of electricity for EV charging. 

Why you need LMS for EV charging?

Without LMS

1 charger to 1 EV at the full rate of the charger at a time. Once plugged in charger will pour at full rate without dynamic adjustment. Spend all the rated amount of electricity without flexibility. Same initial investment only to afford few chargers.


ON/OFF Queuing or Shifting

Only ON/OFF control to limit or shift the number of EVs in a charging queue.

With LMS

The total charging capacity of all the EV bays can be coordinated in order to afford ALL the EVs charging loads in a car park. Shared electricity consumption. Same initial investment can afford a lot more chargers.

smart EV charging with Load management system

Load Regulation

Adjust the charging rate for each EV so that the total EV loads are shared and kept within fixed or dynamic limits.


Our PSN-EVC is a super Load Management System (SLMS) which performs more and better functions than what the common Load Management Systems (LMS) in the market can do. It is a two-sided management system dynamically taking care of the energy at both the demand side (load balancing) and the supply side (shadow power capturing). Moreover, unlike other LMS, a SLMS is smart enough to release the charging power share from any fully charged EV to boost the rest in charging so that the overall charging speed can be enhanced significantly.

EVC affiliated with PSN as load management for ev charging

EVC equipped with PSN for smart Super Load Management

Today you may find brands in the market for EV load management only. Some of them label this function as power management but in strict sense "Power" should be replaced by "Load". Our PSN-EVC system captures more for which has a special function for power source management. With this whole system you not only equip with a smart tool to manage the loads for EV charging but also a tool to monitor and optimize the power profile of the building as well. The two systems work in tandem to achieve the most effective utilization of shadow power.

Shadow EV Charger

EVC takes care of varied charging behaviors

There is a Battery Management System (BMS) built in every EV. This system communicates with the charger and tells the voltage and current rates acceptable to the battery. Then the charger supplies only what the vehicle can accommodate so not to overcharge it. Different BMS  has its unique charging behavior in terms of the response against varied charging command and sometimes render non-idealities in charging behavior which should be taken care of.  

Our EVC system accounts for non-ideal charging characteristics by testing with real EVs to collect real charging data instead of using ideal or predefined values. EVC also utilizes measured current of the EVs as feedback for real-time charging management algorithm. Our core algorithm NALA has been well-oiled running for many years, capable of dealing with real time spurs or fluctuations.

Benefits of SLMS

Expand EV Charging Coverage

Compared to other brands, same budget for the most chargers to serve ALL parking lots.

Best efficiency

Coordinated charging optimizes the efficiency of charging in terms of time and electricity consumed.

Charging are monitored and safe

Overload protection to prevent FIRE from charging abnormality to burn out your premise!

Make your power network smart

Make your power system SMART, able to interact online with the Grid to facilitate the claim of any possible privileges or incentives offered by power company.

Support user-pays charging service

Support user-pays EV charging service with various electronic payment systems.

Least human management

No manpower is needed for managing EVs in a queue for charging. Totally smart and automatic.

Install EV Chargers with a SLMS.

For all the benefits, you don't need Nikola Tesla to count the cost.
You won't regret the limited initial investment of a Load Management System(LMS), especially a SLMS like the PSN-EVC System, to enjoy the benefits from a smart EV charging system!

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father of AC Grid
Nikola Tesla
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