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DL TECH Talent Team

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Our expert team led and run by the experts who devote themselves to developing smart power control technology; to designing, operating and maintaining the power grid in Hong Kong, and to building the power control for world leading super computers. They are power experts among the best and rarely gathered in a single team for the development of most advanced smart power technology. If somebody spent half of his life doing a profession with heart, they are the ones worth your trust in the field.


Henry Yau

Inventor, Engineer
Philip's Lighting (China) Founding Member

Henry Yau, founder of DeLight Power Products Limited (DPPL), the former parent company of DL TECH which specially engages in developing transformational technology to change the way we control power in a smart, eco-friendly and highly cost-effective manner. Before the inventions, Yau was the Chief Financial Officer of Tri-con, Philips & Ya Ming Lighting and Getz Brothers He also held senior management positions in international corporations across HK, China, Taiwan & US. Later he took part in the invention of one of the top 3 fastest supercomputers in China. He held many patents, besides the capstone “NALA” technology, there is a centerpiece: non-electrolytic capacitor power supply design. Yau holds B.S. / M.S. of Electrical Engineering – Computer Science, J.D. of Law, MBA and DBA.

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Henry Yau

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Geoffrey Chan

Principle Advisor

Geofrrey Chan

Former Chief Engineer of HK Electric Company
Former Chair HKIE’s Electrical Division

Geoffrey Chan never tires of dealing with electrical power. For more than three decades he worked for the only Power Company serving the Hong Kong Island. Chan, as the former chief engineer, was responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the titanic yet congested power grid. He is among the very few in Hong Kong who know the local grid best. He also fulfills his dream of teaching the younger generation with his intimate knowledge in electrical power. It is our honor to have Chan as our Engineering Consultant and let him take charge of our Shadow EV Charging project. If there is an expert who can integrate our PSN-EVC system with local building’s power system into a perfect blend, he must be Geoffrey Chan.

R&D Squad

DL TECH Power Team

(World 20 Supercomputer) Power & Control Team

DL TECH recruited a talent power team along its growth. Working in our R&D centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the power team is supported with the greatest level of company resources on developing brand new technology for smart power control. The team members, under the leadership of Henry Yau, took part in engineering the delicate power & control that sustains the top 3 in China & top 20 in the world powerful supercomputer. Flocked together the experts in power, smart control, electronics and software development, the team comes up with innovative inventions like Demand-Response, PCT-Net and NALA, all become mature and revolutionary tools for leading smart power control in the world.

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Passion & Creativity