"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein

The Nature of Shadow EV Charging

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Summarizing the natures of Shadow Charging is the best way to conceptualize the essence of this new charging technology for easy and impressive understanding. 

In nature, Shadow EV Charging is: 

ev shared

Shared Charging

Shadow Charging is shared charging. The overall Shadow Power of a building is analyzed and allocated for powering all the connected chargers in this network. Each charger dynamically and organically shares a common power pool in a smart way to achieve the best charging efficiency and performance.

PSN makes EV Smart

Smart Charging

Any charging system which manages a lot of chargers is a smart charging system. It can coordinate and control the supply of loads to all connected chargers intelligently and automatically.

ev adaptive

Adaptive Charging

The architecture of PSN-EVC enables real-time monitoring, control and it supports connected EV charging at scale. It measures and adapts to the power profile of a building in order to dynamically harness Shadow Power for charging use. This is the most promising trend for scale and controlled charging, now start to prevail in US.

Scale Charging

While a large part of the existing charging stations in operation are independent and uncontrollable, the PSN-EVC System is designed to deal with a fleet of connected charging points. Since that the Shadow Power harnessed, cables and NALA computation resources are shared, there are benefits of economy of scale here. Scaling up the charging points is very easy and handy, especially under the same linked array of a master controller. As we are about to see more and more EVs in car parks, our society needs a new and effective scale charging method such as the PSN-EVC System.

ev off-peak

Off-peak Charging

Shadow Charging is off-peak charging. Shadow Power is the underutilized power stays idle at a time. In off-peak hours more Shadow Power can be harnessed for EV charging. In this course the power profile of the building can thus be optimized.

ev IOT3

IOT3 Charging

PSN controller directly receives the on-site feedback of data collected from the sensing meters along the power route. It processes local, organic and networked computation in a fully automated, self autonomous and intelligent manner. The operation of Shadow Power Charging by the PSN-EVC system is indeed embracing the essences of the 3rd generation of Internet of Things (IOT3).

ev green

Green Charging

Shadow Power Charging brings about eco-friendly benefits: off-peak charging, non-e-cap design, enhancement of clean energy intake into the grid and facilitation on energy audit, the PSN-EVC System renders the ultimate green charging technology developed to achieve the climate benefits for us all.