City Towards a Smart Charging Network

Why you need PSN-EVC now?

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Global trend of EV manifests that sooner or later, you will be lingering in the market for products related to EV charging. We advise you do a product research on your own. There are reasons to justify your action now.

EV is the Future


The electrification of vehicle is a global mandate. It is just a matter of time when to finish this titanic project. To date, more than 20 countries have announced the full phase-out of internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales over the next 10 years. More than 120 countries have announced economy-wide net-zero emissions pledges that aim to reach net zero in the coming few decades and this counts EV in.


China market has been leading in EV sales, accounting for around 50% of passenger electric sales, 98% of heavy-duty electric sales and topped local-markets for electric vehicle sales in the world. China announced a USD 1.4 trillion digital infrastructure public spending program that includes funding for EV charging stations. This has trickled down to the local level, with more than ten cities announcing targets to install about 1.2 million chargers by 2025. For example Henan province modified its approach from subsidizing capital expenses for public charging stations to a tariff subsidy mechanism for fast charging stations. It also provides financial rewards to local governments that encourages to meet the ambitious target for new household chargers.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, in 2020 have seen 1 out of every 8 new private cars is an electric one. The government has announced a road map for the popularization of EV, including no new registration of fuel-propelled private cars as well as hybrid vehicles in 2035 or earlier. EV charging network on all fronts will be expanded and charging services be marketized progressively. There are also building regulations imply obligations to install chargers in new construction and renovations. New Buildings must install charging infrastructure for car parks from 2011 on. A new "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme" ("EHSS") has been delivered to subsidies the installation of EV charging infrastructure ("EVCEI") in car parks of existing private residential buildings, further facilitating EV owners to install EV chargers at car parks of their residences according to their own needs in the future.

Smart Charging Technology is Ready

You don’t have to wrap up your EV waiting for the maturity of smart EV charging products to come by.

Brands of common Load Management Systems (LMS) are already available in the market. Among them, our PSN-EVC System even packs the delicate functions of a Power management System and a Load management System together into a Super LMS suite. Share with our core NALA smart power control technology which has been developed and practiced for more than a decade. You are assured that the most reliable, full-fledged smart charging technology is right in place for your charging infrastructure. Just go for Shadow Power Charging now.

Hong Kong EV Roadmap

Regulatory Drivers

Governments are making up regulations to spur the growth of EV population. A primary direction now and beyond should be to continue to implement and tighten, or broaden, regulatory instruments. Examples include the European Union CO2 emissions regulation for cars and vans, China’s New Energy Vehicles (NEV) mandate or California’s Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) goal.

In Hong Kong, besides the All-EV target, building regulations has stipulated the mandatory installation of charging points in new constructions. Mandatory charging points in residential premises are foreseeable, too. We can’t escape the global tide.

Avoid Complaints

As Ev is becoming more and more popular, your tenants or visitors will no longer put up with a car park without basic charging facilities. Albeit you got some, you could expect quarrels in a charging queue. Don’t let your management team fed up with this additional management burden. Outrun other car parks with smart charging system like our PSN-EVC System. It is not only a matter of service quality but also an issue of the prestige of your premise.

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Service is No.1

EV Charging is basic amenity now.

Most importantly, you could have been fallen far behind your neighbors.

If you are still waiting because you think you your neighboring car parks are not equipped with charging services, you may be wrong. According to the official data in Hong Kong, the total amount of subsidies reserved for applications has reached the ceiling of the total funding of the “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” by Oct 2021. This is about 60,000 parking lots in private car parks! Chances are that your neighboring car parks are just stumbling in paper works, dragged in a long queue or simply about to proceed with installations. EV charging is becoming a basic amenity in car park, so don’t fall behind.

It's time for your action!